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Activities | Pelion - Portaria

διαδρομές με ποδήλατο ανακαλύπτοντας κάθε γωνιά του μαγικού βουνού του Πηλίου

 Portaria is an ideal base for visitors who want to get to know Pelion and its secrets. There are many sports and activities that you can participate in all year round.

Pelion is a very popular destination for winter holidays. The famous ski center of Agriolefkes  attracts many visitors every year. As well as skiing, you can take part in other ski activities such as snowboarding. You will find the views and landscapes from here stunning.

Το Πήλιο είναι ο μοναδικός τόπος που ενώ  κάνεις σκι αντικρίζεις  μαγευτικές παραλίες.

During the summer months you can enjoy some of the best beaches in Greece. The waters around Pelion are extremely clean and clear and are ideal for swimming, diving and water sports. One can also enjoy a day cruise around Pelion and the Sporades Islands.

Hiking, horse riding, trekking, mountain climbing and biking are some more of the activities that you can enjoy.

If you are looking just for peace and relaxation, you can take a lovely walk along some of the cobble-stoned paths and admire the beautiful nature, the fresh water springs, the  beautiful flowers and plants, the old architecture and much more.

Don’t forget to visit “Moutzouris”,the little historical train of Pelion that crosses the mythical routes of the Centaurs and the Dodecatheon as, according to the Ancient Greek Mythology, Pelion was the summer habitat of the twelve gods of Olympus.​

Μην παραλείψετε να επισκεφτείτε το θρυλικό τρενάκι του Πηλίου, στις Μηλιές ,γνωστό ως «Μουτζούρη» ,που θα σας ταξιδέψει  σε άλλες εποχές

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