Greece - Portaria - Pelion

Hotel Filoxenia

Greece - Portaria - Pelion

Ξενοδοχείο Φιλοξένια Πορταριά Πήλιο. Τοποθεσία. Που είμαστε...


Portaria is a fabulous, mountainous, traditional village  just 12km from Volos, built in the altitude of 650m. and close to the chapel of “Panaghia Portarea”, dating back to the 13th century, in which the village owes its modern name. Portaria used to be a head village that flourished at variable times. Thanks to its unique natural beauty, Nature Tourism is in its heyday. Every visitor is charmed by following the variable paths and eventually gets to know the polymorphism of Nature. Portaria is beautiful and charming all year round. Each visitor can wander through its natural beauties like the “Path of Centaurs” which is parallel to the stream of   Mana spring or Karavos, where water gives birth to majestic waterfalls. Also, one can visit the Central Square or Taxiarchon Square, worship in the byzantine temple and walk through cobbled paths. Take a good look to its magnificent view of Volos and of  the Gulf of Pagasiticos.
On the cobbled square of Portaria you can see part of the once glorious hotel “The Grand Theoxenia” ( 1898-1944), which used to be one of the most luxurious hotels of the Balkans. It burnt to the ground during the war. Portaria is the first Greek  village to have a hotel and paved road, thanks to which is connected with Volos since 1908.
Numerous renovated mansions show the way that Portaria lived through Time. Athanasakio kindergarten (one of the first in Greece), Zulia mansion (which served as a female Vocational School) and Tsopotio Boarding House are just some of its monuments.
It is also one of the first tourist attractions of Greece. It is an imaginary destination all year long, combining the beauty of mountain and sea. Portaria is located 12km from Volos,12km from Agriolefkes Ski Center and 35km from the shining beaches of Eastern Pelion. Portaria is an ideal destination because it’s only 338km away of Athens , 219km of Thessaloniki and  35km away of Volos Airport.


Mount Pelion, the mythical land of Centaurs, the place where gods themselves chose to attend their weddings and celebrations, rises magnificently northeast of Volos. Portaria is referred as "Door of Pelion" because, thanks to its geographic location, it is easy to visit all of the 24 villages of Pelion, which is  the mythical land of Centaurs.